Customer testimonials


Aaron, many thanks for your help with the family Mosaic whistle project  for my family.  My sons and grandsons were thrilled to receive the Christmas gifts you built for each!

                                        -  L. Alan Forman


A Wingert whistle has become an invaluable addition to my duck call lanyard. Pressured birds, calm, foggy days or having a youngster join in are a few of the reasons my Wingert  whistle is one of my most valuable calls. The beauty of the craftsmanship is unmatched, and the robust design stands up to daily abuse in the field.

                          - Jason Evans

                             Prairie Sky Outfitters



Aaron, got the whistle in today. She's a beauty, and sounds amazing!! It will be a pleasure to have it hanging on my lanyard!  Thank you for your extraordinary service, communication, and for producing such a quality product! 

                                - Jake H.


I got the whistle last night and I was blown away.  When I first talked to you and got my name on the list, I did so because I’ve always used a whistle (an old Faulks whistle that’s 20+ years old now) and I thought I might as well get one that looks nice.  I had seen many examples of your work on the internet and I thought I might as well get the best looking one that I could find.  What I didn’t anticipate was how much better it would sound and how much fun the process would be.  The thing sounds amazing.  It is so much crisper and clearer than any other whistle I’ve had or heard.  Also, I really enjoyed the whole process from picking out the blank, to seeing the pictures of it during the different stages of build.  Thank you not only for the perfect whistle, but also the service that you provided.  I couldn’t be happier.

                                   - Ben G.


Aaron, I got my whistle in the mail yesterday and was totally blown away by it.  The craftsmanship was amazing.  The sound is so sharp, clear and crisp.  I can hardly wait to try it out next weekend.  I really enjoyed visiting with you through this process.  I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.  Thanks again.

                                  - Jim R.


You will not find a better duck whistle on the market than a Wingert!  Aaron is a master at his craft and accepts no less than perfection in his work.  I trusted Aaron to build a very special whistle as a tribute to my dad and he delivered.  There will always be a spot on my lanyard for a Wingert whistle!

                         - Jason Porter


Simply put, Aaron Wingert makes the best duck whistle in the world. If you don’t have a Wingert’s whistle on your lanyard you are not equipped as well as you could be. Aaron is as fine a person as there is, and his quality, workmanship and attention to detail are  clearly demonstrated in his craftsmanship.

                      - Joe Copeland

                         Copeland's Guide Service