Wingert whistles carved by Brad Samples

Award winning call maker and carver Brad Samples of Blindsided Calls has worked his carving magic on a few of my calls.  They just beg to be held and closely examined.  I build the call and send it to Brad, then my customer works directly with him.  He charges approximately $150-$200 to do the carving on a call similar to the one pictured here.  Contact him via the Blindsided Calls Facebook page.

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Matched RM and Wingert calls

I can work with another call maker to get your whistle to match your duck or goose call.  Certain call makers and I can even share material so both calls are made from the same piece of wood.  I made these calls to match calls made by my friend Ronald (Stump) Laun of RM Custom Calls in North Carolina.  If you're looking for a world class duck call, look no further than Stump.


Laser engraved logos

No logo of any kind will be engraved without written consent from the logo's owner.  No exceptions under any circumstances.  


Gun dog memorial calls

After the loss of a dog that is a hunting companion and member of the family, some hunters have had me build calls using their dogs' cremated remains.  The call is deeply laser engraved with the dog's name or a decorative ring around the call, and the ashes are inlaid in the void.  A number of fonts can be used.  The ashes are treated with the utmost respect and never wasted.  Every bit of ash that is not used in the call is returned to the customer.   Ash inlays can be done with oil finished or CA finished calls.  I hope it goes without saying, but just in case.....I will not do calls with cremated human remains under any circumstances.  Please contact me for a quote.